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Rescue She
(available in eBook and paperback)

Some flames never die...
Weston is Olivia's high school crush, and she's spent sixteen years pining for a guy who she thought would never return her affections.

Olivia was the one girl who Weston tamped down his feelings for. He pushed her away, believing he wasn't worthy of her attention.

When they meet again under harrowing circumstances, Weston saves her. The embers are stoked back to life. Their passion is ignited and the fire finally burns bright. But will it all go up in smoke? Because She just may need to rescue him right back.

Five-Book Series - A Tryst of Fate Series

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Combat Boots & Candy Canes
(available in eBook and paperback)

A heartwarming story infused with incredible spice that’s sure to be a delightful escape for some holiday reading.
Lacey returns to her small hometown for Christmas after being away for years. She wasn’t ready to come back—she didn’t feel she belonged there. Her military career has left her rattled and jaded, and she feels like no one understands her.
She’s done with men.
She doesn’t get men.
Men in uniform especially don’t do it for her.
But the sexy, new-in-town Jordan may be just the treat she needs to change her mind about the opposite sex. Jordan is unlike anyone she’s ever met. At first, she’s resistant. But as quickly as the snow falls, so does Lacey. Dare it be said she wants to lick his peppermint stick?
Get swept away in this romantic and steamy camo-covered Christmas tale.

Romance on the Rig
(available in eBook and paperback)

When desire burns deep, passion is ignited.

One glance at the handsome EMT of Squad 54 is all it takes for small-town beauty, Lana, to fall. Her heart beats like it never has before. But Sean pegs her all wrong when she struts up to his ambulance with those doe-eyes of hers. He misjudges her based on a misguided assumption. What’s worse, is he’s nursing a broken heart and is unsure if he’s ready to move on.

Another chance encounter with Sean means Lana will try to convince him she’s not who he thinks, and that she’s the one who can set his soul ablaze.

Love is the key to it all, and she has to show him he’s capable of giving and receiving it—on and off the rig.