THE BOOKS - A Tryst of Fate (5 Book) Series

Author Kara Liane brings you books from the heart with the added bonus of steamy scenes. Her stories are filled with passion and romance that entice the reader to turn each page.

Playing Heart to Get
(Available in eBook and paperback)

Get to the heart of their story... 

A steamy contemporary romance unfolds. Alexi, aka Dr.Hotness, fixes hearts for a living. Although, he can't seem to mend his own, or navigate through the deep waters of love. 
Luckily, fate intervenes with a chance meeting at the hospital, as he falls for gorgeous college-student Caylan. 
Alexi is immediately enamored with her beauty, soul and innocence. Caylan is equally taken with the young doctor. However, her past won't be laid to rest until she overcomes her inner-demons; which Dr. Hotness is so desperate to uncover. 
Love is a gift, and Alexi needs to learn to tread carefully when unwrapping it. 
See if these two can play by the heart! 

every heart  (1).jpg
Every Heart Inch
(Available in eBook and paperback)

Want it rough and “heart?”

This sizzling story stars a thirty-two-year-old that is undeniably a sex-god by night, and a pediatrician by day. His name is Dr. Anthony Parker, and he breaks hearts wherever he goes with his good looks, killer smile, and incredible physique. Sadly, Anthony can’t be tied down to one woman because he works hard. But need it be mentioned that he plays even harder? There is little room for him to fall in love when he’s enjoying playing the field. However, fate intervenes and brings twenty-six-year-old Shanna Sullivan literally to his doorstep, and so begins the end of his bachelor days.

Shanna is new to the city of Philadelphia, and desperately seeking a job. Having recently left a rocky relationship and her entire life back in Oklahoma for a fresh start, she is sure to have some interesting adventures. Of course, those adventures involve one Dr. Parker in and out of the bedroom. She didn’t expect to find a man so soon after arriving, but her body and mind have different priorities. Read their romantic tale of two, and you’ll see why this book is “heart” to put down!

A Force of Nature
(Available in eBook and paperback)

A Kindle Scout winning eBook that's a steamy, contemporary, military, romance that will quake your world. 
TSgt Brenneth "Brent" Peters moves through life like a storm--it's just his way. From the moment he met captivating and complicated Everly, he moved through her too. His years in the military have shaped him and led to this path of upheaval and turmoil in love and life. What he and Ev share, though, is an unstoppable force. But can he hold onto her, or will he lose her along the way? Find out what happens when the storm rolls in. 

For to love is to consume--it's just the nature of it.

heart to follow.jpg
Heart to Follow
(Available in eBook and paperback)

Sometimes you have to follow your heart, but it can be hard to follow. 


This sweet, contemporary, steamy story is sure to be your cup of tea!

Innocent and shy Addison admires finance specialist Gil from afar at the cafe she works at.

For just one night she wants to be brave and dress up to seduce him. Like Cinderella going to the ballroom, but in this case it's the bedroom. One night could change everything for both of them when the heart is involved. 

Follow their romantic tryst and see for yourself if these two can have their ever after. Life is too short not to stop and smell the coffee! 

Nursing Myself Back
(Available in eBook and paperback)


I can get back to myself, I just know it. After my heartless husband’s death, I can find a way to move on. I want to learn to let someone in again and be with a man who truly wants me. I believe I can heal my tattered heart and bruised soul…somehow. I need a friend first, but above all, I need love.


My hunger for cougars is something that’s always been a part of me. When I met Liz, though, she ignited a passion in me that lent way to a whole new level of hunger—this one burns bright and deep. I can be her friend and her lover. I can be anything and everything to her. I don’t think my appetite will ever be satiated where she’s concerned. I’m the sweet one of our friends. I’m the nice guy of our group. But in bed, well, that’s where I come alive, and the beast will not be tamed. This cougar is about to meet the hunter.